Especially designed for controlled environments, our food-safe coatings meet the different requirements ranging from non-aggressive to aggressive. From Hairplus 25 to Stainless PET 150, our coatings are durable and offer superior corrosion resistance.


Composed of thermosetting polyester resin, the 25 microns coating allows a good resistance to corrosion. Offering a good level of color and appearance stability, Hairplus 25 is used in non-aggressive environment with low to medium humidity. A wide range of colours is available upon request. Warranty up to 15 years.


Hairultra 35 microns has a very good resistance to corrosion. It is typically used in non-aggressive environment with low to high humidity. A wide range of colours is available upon request. Warranty up to 20 years.


Solfilm is a 50 µm colaminated coating, dedicated for cold rooms, which combines excellent corrosion resistance and great flexibility. It is adapted for aggressive and very wet indoor environments, suitable for food contact and achieves the highest level of performance for indoor air quality (certified A+). The PET film on the outer layer ensures that Solfilm resists scratch, stains, dirt, and cleaning products. Available in standard white and grey colors. Additional colours are available upon request.

PVC 150

This pre-coated steel with PVC film is especially developed for controlled environments demanding the highest levels of cleanliness and food safety. Its good resistance to chemicals and detergents makes it suitable for light aggressive environments. PVC 150 has an excellent abrasion and scratch resistance and is suitable for direct contact with food products. It is typically available in white. Bespoke finishes to suit specific needs are available upon request. It can be easily cleaned with commercially available water-based cleaning products. Warranty up to 15 years.


Our stainless-steel coatings, with a brushed and circular finishing, are perfectly suited for slightly aggressive environment for indoor uses with low to medium humidity.


Offering an outstanding corrosion resistance, our long-lasting PET colaminated coating combined with a stainless-steel support has been developed for aggressive and most severe environments. It is typically used in indoor atmospheres where CP15 category for European Standard and Ai6 category for French Standards are required, such as intensive livestock buildings, sea food processing, salting and brining environment. It is available in glossy or matt finishes.